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Earclimber earrings with spirals and dots plated gold

Earclimber earrings with spirals and dots plated gold

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Ear clip with spirals and dots

Total length: approx. 24 mm
widest point: approx. 8 mm

925 silver - gold plated

Gold Plated Information
The piece of jewelry is made of 925 silver and then plated gold. 10 millimeters (1g Au per 1000g weight) of 18 ct gold were used. This is more durable than traditional gold plating. When gold plating, the base material is electroplated with gold - this usually works with an electrolyte bath in which, to put it simply, many gold particles adhere to the base material, sterling silver. However, with gold plating, the sterling silver is mechanically plated with gold. This means that not just individual gold particles, but a whole layer of gold is attached to the sterling silver. Gold plating usually lasts much longer than gold plating because the gold layer is much thicker.

- Single piece for the right ear
- Single piece for the left ear
- A pair for both sides

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Jacqueline Jugel

So ein schönes schmuckstück, es passt perfekt zu mir..... super schnelle lieferung ... sehr gern wieder😍😍